Muffin with butter 5.00

Toast 7.00
Sourdough bread with butter
Choice of Hank’s jam, peanut butter, honey or Vegemite
or Gluten free bread with the same options 9.00
Ricotta $4


Croissant with butter and Hank’s Jam 7.50
or with ham and cheese 12.50

Banana bread 7.50
Toasted, served with butter
or with mascarpone & fresh strawberries 12.50


Seasonal fruit salad 18.00
natural yoghurt, granola with a side of honey

Bacon and egg roll 13.00
Bacon, two fried eggs with aioli

Two organic eggs 14.50
Fried, poached or scrambled
Choice of bacon 6.00, smoked salmon 7.50, tomato 4.50
Avocado, saute mushrooms or grilled haloumi 5.50 each
Ricotta, extra egg 4.00 each

Eggs Benedict 19.50
Two poached eggs, ham and hollandaise sauce
Smoked salmon instead of ham 3.50 extra

Smashed avocado 18.50
Ricotta, tomato, mint and olive oil on sourdough

Super food breakfast salad 19.00
Kale, quinoa, almonds, goat’s feta, seeds and grilled carrots with two poached eggs




Tide beef burger 18.50
Tomato, dill pickles, cheese and spicy tomato mayonnaise
Choice of bacon 4.00 extra, beetroot relish 2.50 extra

Grilled haloumi burger 18.00
Grated carrot, tomato, rocket, beetroot relish and aioli

Toasted chicken sandwich 19.50
Shredded chicken, celery, almonds, aioli and smashed avocado

Weekly Special Salads - Market Price