Sybilla & Paul
Saturday, 2nd February 2019

Reception: Regatta, Rose Bay
Kashaya & Co.
Photographer: Lara Hotz
Wedding Cake: Sweet Art

From Tinder to Teddy: Sybilla & Paul’s wedding at Regatta

Sybilla decided to play it cool. Paul had asked her out on four dates, all of which she cancelled at the last minute. She was worried she wouldn’t be able to understand his Irish accent in person, and his profile pictures didn’t exactly tell a thousand words. On Tinder you can never be sure, but eventually she gave him a shot.

Their second date was to Watson’s Bay, where they found themselves traversing a tunnel full of spider webs. When the echoes of Paul’s shrieks far out cried that of her own Sybilla knew she could spend the rest of her life with him.                  


Four years following that faithful arachno-incident, Paul and Sybilla stood before an audience of their friends, family and favourite fur-ball ‘Teddy’, and began the next chapter of their lives together. Their wedding was as timeless as the old idiom itself: “good things come to those who wait.”

As part of our wedding series, Regatta caught up with Sybilla a month post-vows to ask a few questions:

What aspects of the wedding were the first to be ticked off when it came to planning?

Venue, venue, venue! We booked Regatta as soon as we decided the date we wanted to get married on. After that it was the rest of the big stuff, like photographer, stylist and music.

What made you choose Regatta as your venue?

Paul used to live with Regatta’s bar manager, Luke, many years ago and one night he invited us there for dinner. The food and service was amazing and we really liked the atmosphere. We always wanted to find somewhere local and sentimental so it felt like the perfect choice. We live just down the road and often walk our dog past the venue so it is a nice reminder of our day every time we do.

What styles, quirks or features had you been inspired by at other weddings you’d attended?

I really love elegant weddings. I like white flower arrangements with another, single bold colour, and simple lighting. During one wedding I went to the entrance of the bridal party was accompanied by 10 massive drums. That was amazing!


What was most memorable about your wedding?

Besides the vows, the most memorable thing was being at our long T-shaped table where I was positioned top middle and could look down at all the guests sitting among our beautiful flowers decorations. I also remember how effortless and enjoyable the day was and how comfortable and happy everyone looked. For the guests, I think the most memorable part was the food. We are still getting compliments from the meals served by Regatta!


There was a small, white and incredibly furry character present in a lot of your photos, tell us a bit about him and the role he played?


Oh, you mean the love of my life? Teddy our dog! Words really cannot describe how happy that 3kg ball of fluff makes Paul and I. He stole the show at the ceremony dressed in a bowtie and was talked about in most of the speeches. 

Did you have a traditional styled wedding or did you jazz up your special day with something different?

We had it pretty traditional. The next day we organized a chartered boat and BBQ on the harbor, which was the icing on an amazing wedding weekend. I highly recommend planning a get together for the following day.

Any hilarious or heart-filling moments during the speeches?

This is a snippet from the opening of my speech…

“I never thought that I would ever be so lucky to experience such love, unwavering loyalty and affection. I have found the complete package. A warm heart, handsome, sociable, always there to listen. The best bedtime spooner and great company.

But enough about the dog, let’s talk about my wonderful husband.”


 Tell us about the dress and the suit?

I had my dress made by my mum’s friend, who came out of retirement as a couturier. I wanted something timeless and elegant. It was so detailed and I absolutely loved it, right down to the embroidered pearls on the finger holes and the tiny blue-ribbon bow sewn into the inside of the buttons (for “something blue”). Paul also had his suit tailor-made and went for the same classic look.

How did the vision in your mind measure up against the actual play out of the wedding day?

I never had any expectations so I think the day was a huge success. I had one close friend saying her wedding was the best day of her life and another saying it was a disaster. I think we sat somewhere in the middle. It was an extraordinary day with amazing friends and family, incredible locations, delicious food and drinks, lovely music and an overall feeling of love and sincerity. It was such a great day that reliving it would almost destroy it, and for that reason it was not ‘the best day of my life’, but just another wonderful one to add to the already wonderful memories that Paul and I share.

Can you describe the feeling you had after the wedding? Was it a sense of relief or a sense of sadness that it had all happened so quickly?

We were both just really happy to be married and that the day was such a success. It was sad when family started to leave town but a relief to return to our normal lives.

Where did you pick for your honeymoon? 

Our mini-moon was straight after the wedding and in the Blue Mountains at a pet friendly hotel (so we could stay with Teddy). We are heading to Japan and Canada for our actual honeymoon in July. We wanted something action packed and love the quirky side of Tokyo and the beautiful mountains and lakes of the Canadian Rockies.

Aside from the real honeymoon, what does the future have in store for the newlyweds?

I am about to start a Masters in Dietetics so a lot of study for me. I’ll also be concurrently rebranding my business ( Paul is an excellent golfer and has been picked to play competitively on the Bonnie Doon team. Other than that just looking forward to our holiday and settling into married life. 

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