The season to be jolly need not come only once a year. It certainly doesn’t at Regatta! To celebrate the months of April and May, and usher Autumn in, our humble home on the Bay will be hosting a series of events… and keeping your Champagne glasses filled at a hospitable price!
While you will certainly be the most important guest at our table, we’d like to introduce you to a few of the other sophisticated selections you’ll be toasting within the coming months. 


Get to know Pol Roger over an intimate Champagne lunch showcasing 4 premium Cuvee’s; or as you enjoy a Regatta Frutti di Mare featuring fresh native seafood and paired with a bottle of 2008 Epernay Brut.

You’ll also come across Boll & Cie, who will stick around for an exclusive champagne masterclass on May 2nd where four crisp styles will be matched with Regatta’s delectable canapés and the wisdom of Brian Jo. For $89 per person this event is perfect for the fizz fanatics.

Next will be Laurent Perrier whose NV Rosé from Tours-sur-Marne will couple up with our Frutti di Mare, making for the perfect combination to treat Mum on her special day. And if that’s not enough to spoil, put the sparkles in her mouth and her eyes at our Camilla fashion show and Bottomless Brunch.

 Gosset will take you through to the end of the month, finishing with a 4-course champagne dinner; a journey complete with Gosset’s finest glasses brought to their fullest potential by Regatta’s, expertly paired dishes.

Of course, we understand that sometimes you just want the whole clique together at once. So over both months, Regatta will also be offering a unique 4-course degustation menu designed personally by Executive Chef Logan Campbell, starring the whole cohort of our effervescent accomplices.

But to whet your appetite and start the excitement stirring here is a little trivia to break the bubbles with at the table:

Why don’t all Champagnes list a vintage on the bottle?

The year of a vintage may not appear on a bottle of non-vintage (NV) wine as Champagne houses will often use grapes and grape must from multiple harvests to create a specific flavour profile, or “house style”. This process helps maintain consistency and availability year to year.

How much pressure is stored in a bottle of Champagne?

The average bottle of Champagne is bottled with a pressure of five to six atmospheres – around double the pressure in an average car’s tires.

 What are the best types of glasses to serve Champagne in?

Due to its tall, skinny structure, which helps to preserve the wine’s bubbles, the Champagne flute reigns supreme as the apex serving vessel. However, it isn’t the only option. A quality white wine glass will help articulate a Champagne’s unique piquancy and is often used by the pros during tastings. A tulip glass will also do the same. For those with an inner Gatsby, Champagne coupes make for a chic look though offer less in the way of enhancing the aromas of the drop.

So why not ‘pop’ into Regatta and let us get you in sip-shape! Clink clink, nudge nudge!