Boll & Cie Champagne is the perfect addition to an intimate catch up between close friends, in-between adult responsibilities….

A chance to disembark the merry-go-round of being an adult can feel impossible at times. One minute your attention is needed here; the next, it’s needed elsewhere. It can feel like endless too-ing and fro-ing, with only the most distant and hazy prospect of reprieve.

The key to staying sane amid staying afloat is to stay connected. Not in a way that piles more responsibility onto an already occupied plate, but in a way that reminds us we do have choices among our many obligations. And we also have an inner circle with which to share those choices.

Boll & Cie Champagne is the perfect addition to an intimate catch up between close friends, in-between adult responsibilities. It is the urbane selection for the familiar, and is best enjoyed in the company of plates filled with oysters – not worries. Its firm structure loosens the edges of a hard week, and it’s long, creamy finish supplies a luxurious feel, heightened when sipped in-restaurant at the hand of a professional.

Boll & Cie Champagne are family owned, and have been since 1853, so they understand the importance of connection. Their sustainable growing practices in the vineyards of the Cote de Blancs region of Champagne mean their Chardonnay dominant fizz is conceived with meaning and intention. Just like your cherished catch-ups.

Of course, if your break from adulthood needs to be slightly longer than a single afternoon at a cosy venue then The Chateau Boll, a boutique five-star Champagne hotel, will be completed in Reims later this year.

But for those just in the market for a quick and refreshing time-out, with a dash of class and a peppering of inside jokes, here is a little more about how Boll & Cie can help that desire become a reality worth being responsible for. 

The perfect setting for Boll & Cie Champagne?
Shared among a small and select group in a stylish restaurant. 

Is it best enjoyed indoor or outdoor?

Ideal style?
The signature Boll & Cie Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut.

The taste of this style?
Elegant and refined with soft, pillow-y bubbles. 

Ideal number of people to share a bottle of Boll & Cie with?

Boll & Cie

Ideal food pairings for Boll & Cie Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut?
As you start, oysters and caviar. Have them natural (with no dressing) and sip the Champagne immediately before and after.

How does Boll & Cie enhance the flavours of such food?
The natural briny qualities of the oysters and caviar marry with the low sugar, low sulphite and tangy citrus in Boll & Cie’s Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut. The complimentary profiles of these two delicacies are incredibly harmonious and the end result is something far more magical than the sum of its parts.

Ideal glass to drink Boll & Cie from?
The Boll & Cie Signature Tulip Glass.

Are there any tricks to correctly opening a bottle of Boll & Cie?
Any way in which the 'POP' of the bottle can be utilised to evoke a smile or laugh from its soon-to-be drinkers. 

Six words to describe Boll & Cie Champagne?
Quality, Sophisticated, Enriching, Independent, Delicate, Tasteful.

Six words to describe the people who like to drink Boll & Cie Champagne? 
Appreciate the finer things in life.

Don’t miss out on spending an evening with Boll & Cie at Regatta for a superior Champagne Masterclass on Thursday 2nd of May 6.30PM, during which sommelier Brian Jo will talk through the history of Boll & Cie and explain pairings choices for each Champagne style. Book here.