We have been speaking with the legendary Rogers of Rogers & Rufus Rosé – the centerpiece for Regatta’s Bottomless Rosé Brunch Series. Ever the candid character, he filled us in on the challenges of making wine in Australia, the misunderstood nature of the colour ‘pink’ and how two old friends can create something completely new. Now it’s time to talk specifics.

REGATTA (RB): If you were going to enjoy a drink with breakfast, or brunch, why would a Rosé be a better choice than a white or red?
Rosé is a super versatile style and matches well with a wide variety of foods making it perfect on the brunch table. I’m a tomato grower and fresh Roma tommies with basil bruschetta, cheese blinis with smoked salmon and horseradish cream or even rockmelon wrapped in prosciutto are the perfect morning treat with a glass of Rosé.


RB: What are the best foods to drink with an R&R Rosé, and why?
R&R Rosé is great for matching with a wide variety of foods, here are a few more of our favourites for matching at the beach.

  • Fried halloumi and grilled asparagus salad

  • Kingfish and tuna sashimi with wasabi mayonnaise and pickled ginger

  • Chicken and shiitake dumplings

  • Patatas bravas

  • Pea and potato samosa

RB: Can you debunk the myth that Rose should only be enjoyed during the warmer months?
If we were talking Rosé in cricket terms then it is definitely an all-rounder; not only with the foods it matches, but also the temperatures in which to enjoy it. It seems obvious that the warmer months are a great time to drink Rosé and they are! But as a Rose of Grenache is typically lower in acid than white wines it makes for a great option in cooler weather too. The lower acidity allows the wine to pair well with spicier food like Moroccan or Indian.


RB: What has made the R&R 2018 vintage so special?
Solid rains of around 100mm per month in July and August set the vines up for a great growing season. This was supported by another 150mm of rain over the following 4 months, which lead into Christmas. The vines grew healthy canopies and as January arrived so did the warm, dry weather. The warm weather brought on the ripening and we began picking our Grenache on the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day). We achieved great flavours early in the ripening which gave us a wine very fresh and pure.

RB: What future flavours can we expect for 2019 or 2020 vintages?
Well when the weatherman can barely get a 7-day forecast correct it’s a bit early to predict that. I have no idea what the upcoming season/s will bring us. A dry winter means it is likely to be early but the vineyards are healthy and clean. I’m sure regardless it will bring about a fresh set of challenges, which we are look forward to tackling.

If you have missed the previous installment of Roger’s chat, you can check it out here.

Regatta Rose Bay Brunch Series runs every Sunday from 10AM – 12PM until 31st March 2019.

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