Valentines day can elicit all kinds of butterflies in ones stomach. Vibrant and springy butterflies knowing you’ll spend the day treating and being treated by your love; light and feathery butterflies knowing you’ll spend the night with your friends celebrating those important bonds in your life; or anxious and uneasy butterflies knowing there is a myriad of different ways to express your feelings but almost too many to choose from and not enough time to make the choice!

If your inner-flutters tend toward the latter, then this handy list might help you make those heartfelt decisions this February 14:

A gift for the reserved partner
Enjoys discussing politics, world news, spending time one on one, getaways in remote cabins, camping along the coast and walking in the bush.


Hike the coast in the Royal National Park - $24 + park fees
The coast track in Sydney's Royal National Park is a lush multi-day walk between Bundeena and Otford. The hike features crisp coastal lookouts, swimming spots, seasonal flora and fauna sightings and altogether will see you cover 26kms along Australia’s eastern shoreline. It can be completed in one day for the fit couple, otherwise camping over night at North Era Campground is a popular option to split the scramble.

A gift for the active partner

Enjoys early mornings, long runs, outdoor activities and anything that involves consistent stimulation and movement.


Spa treatment at Botanica Vauclaus - $80+
Finding gifts for the active go-getter can be a challenge but sometimes the perfect offering lies within the very opposite to their usual day-to-day. For a partner who seems never to stop moving, inviting them to relax at a day spa could be the reset they’ve needed but never asked for. If you’re both into being pampered, most spas have couples treatments too!

A gift for the social partner

Enjoys high-octane activities, especially in groups. Likes anything that involves thrills, nights out, live entertainment, dancing, costumes, celebrating or staying out late.


A Polaroid camera - $80+
Polaroid cameras have been making their return for almost a decade and are wicked tools for both genders. They range in price anywhere from fairly cheap to quite sophisticated but, regardless of the initial outlay, their snaps can be used for decorations, kept as memories or given out to friends. Nothing beats gathering around a photo as it develops in front of your eyes.

A gift for the new partner
For the newly acquainted partners, keen to express their feelings and appreciation without coming on too strong too soon.


Flashy flash drives - $8-100
Valentines Day can be another of the Hallmark holidays that invites people to spend money on quick fix or joke gifts destined only to become landfill. USB’s are a jovial but incredibly useful gift with all the potential of being hilarious and heartful at the same time. Personalised or engraved USB’s certainly won’t go missing around the office.

A gift for the experiential partner

For the partner that likes to indulge in good food, good wine and good service.


Dinner with us!  - $99-160/person
Celebrate your love this Valentines Day with waterfront views and your choice of a 6PM or 8.30PM seating. 6pm is recommended for couples who’d like dinner accompanied by sunset or not to get home too late to the kids, and 8.30pm for couples keen to settle in for the eve and enjoy a degustation accompanied by Laurent Perrier Champagne.