Oh, Winter! You seem to have snuck up on us again this year. Jeans without stockings no longer suffices, food without heavy or creamy ingredients just doesn’t fill the void, and the flat, bleak sky isn't exactly an invitation to socialise after dark.

These midway months can be tough, on the body and the mind, but our attitude towards winter need not match that of its dark and gloomy colour palette. There are plenty of practical ways to make this season bearable, if not enjoyable. Here are just a few:


Fill your domain with aromas

Whether it be a scented candle you love, the woody perfume of incense or the comforting fragrance of a slow cooker left on all day, infuse your space with scents that make it feel good to come home after a long day of battling the elements.


Stick to a movement routine

It can be hard to stay motivated in colder temps but remaining stagnant won’t improve your state of mind. Try switching your exercise regime from more intensive workouts to lighter rituals like yoga, pilates or laps in a heated pool.


Avoid sleeping in too late, too often

The more you snooze, the drowsier you’ll become. Unless you are ridden with the flu, commit to getting out of bed at a reasonable time on weekends. A good tip is to leave your alarm on the opposite side of the room to your bed. You’ll have to physically relocate to hush it and then voilà – you’re up!


Get creative in the kitchen

Winter is a great opportunity to let your imagination loose in the kitchen. Dust off those ancient recipe books and experiment for a crowd – it’s a proven fact that cooking for others has psychological benefits.


Heat yourself, instead of the whole house

Heating your body is more efficient than heating your entire home. Seal off any unused areas, invest in a portable electric blanket and stash socks in every room for quick access. You’ll save on bills too!

And finally, stay hydrated, humble and hopeful. If winter comes, can spring be too far behind?