Meet Belinda Brett.

Belinda is our in-house style guru and the creative genius behind weddings and events held at Regatta Rose Bay. She’s lived and worked internationally, curating soirées and media launches of all shapes and sizes. Her rooms have graced the pages of high-end publications and been filled by A-listers across London, New York, Paris and LA. We think she is pretty damn wonderful at her job!

But since a person isn’t just their job, we want you to get to know Belinda a little better. Over a two part Q&A series, we’re going to delve into Belinda’s knowledge, experience, design tips and creative rituals so that you can put a lady to the layout! Enjoy!

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Belinda, tell us, what did living in London teach you about style?

In London there are so many amazing restaurants, galleries and hotels that you are spoilt for inspiration. It’s home to some of my favourite venues, including Soho House, where they really think about design in all it’s facets. From music to decorations, lighting to glassware and even the scent in the air, everything you see, touch and smell is considered. That’s something London does really well; scent! All of the boutique hotels have a signature smell, so when you walk in you are greeted by a gorgeous fragrance and each time you return that scent brings back all the great memories of previous visits. I like to incorporate that into my events and always recommend hosts select a scent for the room, then each time you light that candle in the future you’ll be reminded of the event.  

And what about the idea of simplicity in design?

In terms of simplicity London’s style is much more understated than other parts of Europe. Less is more and it’s about doing the little things really, really well. This is also something I’ve adopted in my approach to weddings and events here in Sydney. 

From curating for high profile guests, luxury brands and A-listers to styling weddings and events for the good people of Sydney, what are the most common requests you get across both demographics?

Whether your budget is huge or modest, it doesn’t really matter, we’re all similar at heart when it comes to gatherings! The most common request I get is to create an event that friends and family are going to remember long after it’s over. To do this I try to ensure that each party is unique to the host by personalising it down to every little detail. For years I worked on events for beauty and fashion brands and we never hosted a party that was like the previous. Each one had to feel different to keep our guests inspired and entertained. This is especially true of weddings; it should feel like only thatcouple could have hosted thatwedding. Guests always remember the small things. 


So when you are styling something as personal as a wedding, how do you get to know your clients?

I love to find out where they enjoy spending their time, like favourite restaurants, hotels and travel destinations. This helps me get an idea of the look and feel they’ll be most comfortable in. I’ll ask them about previous parties and weddings they’ve been to and find out what elements they loved and remembered. I also ask about them as a couple, like how they met, how they spend their downtime, what is special to them, so we can incorporate all the right fundamentals into the day. I’ll ask what their friends are like so we can tailor the event to the guests as well. If they love to dance I’ll create space for this; if they love long dinner conversations, I’ll make sure the chairs and table lighting is right. You really get to know a couple when planning such a special time in their lives and many have ended up becoming close friends of mine!

Do you find it hard to walk into a space you haven't styled and not want to change everything around?

Good question! That all depends on the space! Some are so stunning there’s very little I would change and some need a full make-over. Often the changes I make are to tailor the space to fit the needs of a client. A recent client wanted a canape / cocktail style wedding at Regatta (where they knew the food was great and the views were next level!) so we took out all of the existing restaurant furniture and brought in sofas, a coffee table, plants and candles to create a totally different vibe that worked for a cocktail event. It looked amazing and the couple loved it!

Stay tuned for the next installment of our chat with Belinda, where she’ll break down some tips on exactly how she make her events look b-e-a-utiful!