The revered race that stops the nation is quick upon our hoofs and it is around this time of year that social groups begin to ponder how best to spend their day away from the desk.

Despite being able to enjoy the luxury of switching calendar notifications off and out-of-office replies on, there can still be a fair bit to organise. There’s the where (will you celebrate), the what (will you eat and drink), the how (will you get around) and the when (to commence the day’s festivities). But even if you do happen to be entertaining clients, Melbourne Cup shouldn’t feel like work. 

The key to keeping things relaxed and agile is to find a venue that has all the fine-tuning already taken care of. Somewhere with great culinary taste, an inviting but sophisticated atmosphere, and more going on than just the race itself – lets not forget it only goes for 3 and a half minutes.

You want to be able to focus on the company you’ve chosen to keep. You want to feel refreshed and welcomed. You want for the most complex decision of your day to be your choice of footwear.

Whilst it may seem like this kind of experience is easily accessible amid the montage of Cup Day packages being offered across Sydney, the atmosphere of a day cannot solely be guaranteed by the presence of champagne and oysters on the menu. For you to feel truly looked after, there needs to be something a little more alluring. A little more exclusive. 

Being by the water immediately takes care of this. It’s energising yet private. The view of neatly aligned boats along the Bay is sure to keep you calm as the nation erupts into temporary chaos come 3PM. Having a carefully refined menu not to overwhelm but to excite your rumbles also shaves off that extra decision-making responsibility. As for ambiance outside of the race, live music to keep the room buoyant is a must.

The actual race may be about the horses and the athletes, but the mindset of Melbourne Cup isn’t – particularly if you’re not at Flemington. Regatta Rose Bay has everything you need to enjoy a dapper kind of ease and to set your tranquility at the pace of the Bay itself. Of course, the premium quality oysters and Laurent Perrier Champagne will be there, but so too will a feeling that everything has been tailored exactly to your palate. 

All you have to worry about is which shoes.